Greenway Polymers Limited

Materials we buy & sell

  • PET Bottles, flakes, film and blister packaging.
  • HDPE/LDPE film, we buy ALL grades of films.
  • PP Big bags, film on reels and baled (printed and unprinted), rigid, regrinds, purges.
  • HDPE drums, pipes, bottles, regrind, lumps and purges.
  • Engineering plastics such as ABS, PMMA, PC, PA (6 to 12 with GF), PBT, PC/ABS, POM
  • HDPE/PP pallets and crates
  • Mixed rigid plastics from skip and C&D recovery
  • Mixed bottles 4-4-2 grade
  • PVC and uPVC
  • HDPE bottle grade, natural & coloured
  • PET bottle grade, natural & coloured

There are also numerous varieties of plastics we can place or indeed process. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you. Greenway can find solutions for the most unusual products.

What We Do