About Greenway

Greenway Ireland Ltd was formed in 2000 and we are a recycling and waste management company. We collect and recycle plastic and cardboard waste.

We have been processing materials at our plant in Armagh since 2000 and in this period we have diverted tens of thousands of tons of waste from landfill. Our materials are collected from commercial sources such as retail, industry and waste collectors.

Greenway Polymers Limited was formed in 2009 and is the trading arm of the Greenway Group. Greenway Polymers trades materials from Ireland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland and The Netherlands to meet demand for plastic raw materials in China and other parts of the world. Greenway has developed relationships directly with the end markets and factories ensuring we know the destinations of our shipments. By doing this we also ensure we can offer our suppliers some of the best value in the market place.

Our focus traditionally has been plastics, but now we are growing in strength in the paper and cardboard markets. In these markets we can offer very favourable rebates and extremely competitive payment terms.

Greenway Waste Recycling Limited is the waste to energy arm of Greenway Group established in the summer of 2010. This part of the business is focusing on the energy side of our industry. Keep an eye on our twitter and face book pages for updates on what this side of our business can offer your company going forward. We currently have very strong partnerships in Europe and can offer an affordable alternative to Landfill.

What We Do